Friday, February 16, 2007

Madison Park Starbucks...

The third thursday of every month, a bunch of photographers get together to talk, share knowledge, be photogeeks and feed the elegant and classy addiction that is Starbucks. Networking and talking with photographers is a great way to fill the empty dates on your calendar. I get a few weddings every year from other photographers. It's like hanging out and talking about your favorite thing (photography) a finacially and educationally beneficial activity!

Here are a few images from yesterday. Some taken by me, and others taken by the wonderful Joe Hein of Joe and Jill Photography.

Great photographer and friend, Joe Hein of Joe & Jill Photography.

Eric Sartoris of Northern Lights.

The photogeek known as Cory Parris. I think Joe took this one!

The character that is Dani Weiss.

And the illustrious Natalie Fobes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cory,

Do you still go to these? I'll be attending my first Third Thursday this week (December 20th) - hope to meet you there!