Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Interesting B&W Conversion

Sean Flanigan has a fun b&w technique to play with over on his blog. Below is the photograph I took of Leslie recently. I played with the technique Sean talks, modified it a bit and added a slight sepia tone to add to the vintage feel.


sean flanigan said...

Cool Cory,
It isn't something to use all the time. Like I mentioned I think it is really cool for high key shots. I like how you warmed it up a bit. Man, I missed the 85mm shoutout!!! I knew there was something going on on the 18th but I couldn't remeber what. Next time I guess.



Cory Parris said...

I loved playing around with the technique, and I chose a photo I wanted to play with. It gives it a very cool, vintage look to images, espcially on the high tones. I'll make sure to remind you about future get togethers! :)